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You receive more than secure machines connected to a world-class network; you get a team of expert systems engineers at your disposal: leave the technicalities to us and get on with doing what you do best.

VIP Hosting: Infrastructure

Infrastructure Specifics

Network Capacity

Your managed server is housed within a 19" rack. We connect your server directly to a switch, and from there onto the Internet backbone. This provides the best possible connection to the rest of the world and means you can be certain of a contention-free service without bottlenecks or throttling. We have ample bandwidth, with multiple 1000Mb/s fibre optic backbones, which can be instantly expanded as necessary via the arrangements we have in place with our bandwidth providers.

Physical Security

It is a well-established security fact that any attempt to protect your system with secure software, access lists and firewalls may be thwarted simply by gaining physical access to the machine. Our server centres demand validation tags, visual ID checking systems, entry passwords, combination locks, 24 hour monitoring by humans on the ground and constant Closed Circuit TV cameras. As such, security is at its utmost for preventing the basic but effective lines of attack.

Power Delivery

The power systems are vital to any machine room, in order to reduce any chance of service interruption. In the event of a mains power-failure, UPS systems kick into place automatically and seamlessly. This allows enough time for the independent diesel generators to fire up, to provide a non-stop and spike-free electrical current indefinitely.

Network Hardware & Monitoring

Our network infrastructure is provisioned using only the highest quality, tested, branded hardware, to provide the fastest, most secure and most reliable systems available. Monitoring of individual servers throughout the day and night, ensures that service uptimes are maintained and that all network attacks or service denial attempts are detected and dealt with quickly.

Environment Control

Air conditioning and environmental control ensure that the data floor maintains a constant low and dry temperature and humidity. This ensures optimum cooling and creates an atmosphere optimised for electronic hardware with minimum risk of burnout or overheating.

Fire Protection

The security and fire prevention systems ensure that should a fire break out within the data floor, inert gas will immediately stifle any flames, and any damage will be minimised and contained.