Positive Park

Introducing our

Positive Park Data Centre

A next-generation home for your secure data

Unlike most, we own and operate our flagship data centre. Staffed by our experts 24/7, we offer services nobody else can thanks to the industry-leading greener Positive Park.

  • Introduction

    Since our formation, we at Positive Internet have rented space and power from datacentres in the UK, particularly in the London Docklands area. As such we have seen the future of Docklands is over crowded, under powered , with little room for improvement on this congested flood plain.

    It was time for a new idea, in a new location. Designed and built, from scratch, for the internet usage of the 21st century rather than the ‘90s.

    We proudly introduce Positive Park.

    Positive Park

  • Location

    Cambridgeshire has been a bastion of science excellence since at least Newton. In the 1980s, it became the hub of the UK computing industry - it remains an area bountiful in electronics research, biotech, innovative science-parks and, more recently, crucial components of the UK's Internet infrastructure. As such, Cambridgeshire provides bountiful networking links and personnel. Silicon Fen, as it has been dubbed, provided a perfect location for our new datacentre.

  • Connectivity

    Positive Park's location in the fibreoptic-rich Silicon Fen has given us the opportunity to provision a network that can surpass even our earlier Guinness-World-Record-winning efforts. We have had the luxury of designing a network from scratch for today's multimedia Internet. We have also had the luxury of Positive Park's fortunate location in making use of the best connections the UK and beyond has to offer.

  • We're green but secure

    Positive Park's main computer room cooling runs using adiabatic "Free" cooling systems which are low-energy and make use of evaporative cooling. In addition Positive Park uses only green electricity sourced from 100% renewable sources.

    Fenlands are known to be windy. This means that wind-turbines located there are not simply symbolic gestures, but can act as a significant replacement for fossil-fuel power - Positive Park will be not only carbon neutral but carbon negative. One of the major reasons for moving out of the Docklands is that we take seriously the realistic warnings from climatologists of that area's likely fate.

  • Beyond Positive Park

    Positive Internet continues to maintain points of presence in London and Manchester, and has recently opened up a datafloor in the renowned Telx interconnection infrastructure in Manhattan, and a small facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With Positive Park and these external facilities, our clients can set up sophisticated geographically-redundant solutions to provide the ultimate in resiliency and flexibility, all managed by Positive Internet's experienced technical teams. Other locations are available throughout Europe, please enquire for more details.

  • Security & Resilience

    Our datacentre has been designed from the ground up with resilience & security at its foundation, using our decade of experience...

    • Uses only optimal components
    • No “single points of failure”
    • All connections “doubled up”
    • Bank of batteries in our UPS
    • Diesel generator backup, with contracts in place to supply these with fuel indefinately
    • State of the art Fire detection
    • Isolating Portal
    • Staffed 24/7
    • Specialist security teams
    • Barriers to vehicular traffic
    • Intrustion detection on data floor
    • CCTV
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