Positive involved in another World Record event

Anyone visiting London in the last few months will probably have noticed that large eggs have appeared throughout the city. These intricately decorated pieces of public art played their part in promoting an auction - both online and at Sotheby's - in aid of the magnificent charities Action for Children and The Elephant Family.

We at Positive Internet were asked to supply the hosting infrastructure for the live online auction, for which we provisioned a special managed failover cluster in our flagship Positive Park datacentre. We took the responsibility seriously: the thought of the final moments of such an important live event's ruination by a server crash or network glitch is the stuff of bitter nightmares. We prefer sweet dreams - so we put our best team on it, who kept a close eye on these systems throughout the Easter Monday bidding.

In the end, the hard work paid off, because the online and Sotheby's auctions netted over a million pounds for the worthy causes, with Positive's managed cluster never missing a beat. Alan Newman of Sensible Development coordinated the whole project between Positive, the charity and creative agencies. Alan was kind enough to offer the following comment:

"We have worked with Positive Internet for many years: they understood exactly what was required for this high-profile project, and tailored the cluster so it'd cope with bursts of extremely popularity.
As part of the VIP managed service, Positive engineers offered live support throughout the auctions. They made sure everything went without a hitch. Positive is a partner rather than a simply a 'provider': everyone from the directors through to the oncall engineers is a pleasure to work with. It's clear they care about our projects as much as we do".

Such kind validation of our team really helps our egg-os. Of course, we work egg-stremely hard to ensure our managed service always entails this level of attention to detail; however, when we muse on the work that Action for Children egg-sel at, it's egg-straordinarily gratifying to know that our service has played a part in allowing them continue doing it so egg-selently. This evening, we're egg-suberant to find out that this is the second project in which we've been involved that's won a Guinness World Record! Indeed, it's won two. Frankly, we're oeuf-er the moon. (sorry - we'll egg-ress now)